Quick Start Guide

This page is here to help website developers learn how they can retrieve vehicle detail page URLs from us.  We make use of a RESTful API structure to make accessing the URLs a developer needs as simple as possible.

Developers who are comfortable working with RESTful APIs and JSON structured data have been able to integrate Go2VDP links in to their web pages in just a couple of hours.

The basic process is as follows:

  1. Communicate with us about which dealers you need information for.  This must be done offline.  Our support team will give you the awesome help you need to get connected quickly.
  2. Build and Send your API request to ask for a specific dealer and vin combination.
  3. Receive and Process our API response telling you the associated vehicle detail page URL.
  4. Post the URL on your web page.

More Detailed Instructions are below:

Before Writing Your Code

  1. Sign up your dealers

    Sign up your dealers with Go2VDP for a seamless integration. Dealer keys will be provided to you for each of your dealerships. Please contact Go2VDP for details.

  2. Get your application keys

    Application keys are unique identifiers that tell Go2VDP which developer and application is making an API call. A Go2VDP administrator will setup and provide your keys.

API Implementation Steps

  1. Build API request content

        def vehicles = this.yourVehicles()
        def requestBody = new LinkedHashMap()
        requestBody.action = "read"
        requestBody.fields = ["go2vdp"]
        requestBody.vehicles = []
        vehicles.vehicleList.each { veh ->
            def dealer = new LinkedHashMap()
            dealer.dealerKey = veh.dealer.dealerKey
            def vehicle = new LinkedHashMap()
            vehicle.dealer = dealer
            vehicle.vin = veh.vin
            "action" : "read",
            "fields" :  ["go2vdp"],
            "vehicles": [
                { "dealer": {"dealerKey": "abc123"}, "vin": "19UYA42631A012692" },
                { "dealer": {"dealerKey": "abc123"}, "vin": "19UYA42631A012697" },
                { "dealer": {"dealerKey": "abc123"}, "vin": "19UYA42631A012699" }

  2. Send API request

        def listVdpsUrl = "https://api.netlook.com/api/rest/nvr/v1/vins"
        def jsonContent = JsonOutput.toJson(requestBody)
        def restBuilder = new RestBuilder()
        // send request
        def listVdpsRestResponse = restBuilder.post(listVdpsUrl) {
            auth(apiUsername, apiPassword)
        POST https://api.netlook.com/api/rest/nvr/v1/vins HTTP/1.1
        accept: application/json
        authorization: Basic dGVzdHVzZXI6dGVzdHB3ZA==
        content-type: application/json
        {your generated json content goes here}

  3. Handle API response

        def vdpList = []
        // deserialize json response
        def listVdpsContent = JSON.parse(listVdpsRestResponse.text)
        listVdpsContent.vehicles.each { vehicle ->
        HTTP/1.1 200 OK
            "success": true,
            "vehicles": [
                    "dealer": { "dealerKey": "abc123" },
                    "go2vdp": "http://www.abc.com/detail_link1.html",
                    "go2vdpIcon": "http://assets.netlook.com/img/GO2VDP-2-logo.png?vehicleId=123",
                    "vin": "19UYA42631A012692"
                    "dealer": { "dealerKey": "abc123" },
                    "go2vdp": "",
                    "go2vdpIcon": "",
                    "vin": "19UYA42631A012697"
                    "dealer": { "dealerKey": "abc123"},
                    "go2vdp": "http://www.abc.com/detail_link2.html",
                    "go2vdpIcon": "http://assets.netlook.com/img/GO2VDP-2-logo.png?vehicleId=12345",
                    "vin": "19UYA42631A012699"

  4. Integrate Go2VDP data points to your application code

        def vehicles = this.yourVehicles()
        vehicles.vehicleList.eachWithIndex { vehicle, idx ->
            vehicle.go2vdp = vdpList[idx].go2vdp
            vehicle.go2vdpIcon = vdpList[idx].go2vdpIcon

  5. Insert Go2VDP links to your webpage

        <a class="go2vdp" href="${vehicle.go2vdp}">
        <img src="${vehicle.go2vdpIcon}"> View this Car on Dealer Website</a>